Tanzania Biological Safety Association (TaBSA)

The Following Principles Will Be Considered Essential For The Smooth Running Of TABSA's Activities:

  1. Openness To Dialogue And Respect For The Right To Demonstrate Democratically, Which Should Always Occur With Cordiality And Non-violent Communication;

  2.  Respect For Differences And Equal Treatment Among All;

  3. Refraining From Disseminating False Or Defamatory Information, As Well As Vulgar, Abusive, Obscene, Invasive, Threatening, Prejudiced Content That Violates Privacy Rights Or Encourages A Culture Of Hate;

  4. Do Not Disclose Information That Infringes Copyright Or Commercial Rights;

  5. Impartiality In Dealing With Commercial Institutions Or Public Bodies;

  6. The Society, Its Directors And Members, When Representing It, Must Pronounce Themselves Solely On Technical Matters Related To Its Legal Constitution;

  7. Members Must Ensure That Content Restricted To Members Is Not Accessed By Non-members;

  8.  All Financial Transactions Of The Association Must Be Traceable And Auditable;

  9. The Hiring Of Services From Companies Whose Partners Have A First Or Second Degree Of Kinship With Any Member Of The TABSA Board Of Directors Will Not Be Allowed;

  10.  Any Donation That May Be Received From A Legal Entity Must Be Evaluated By The Executive Board Regarding The Aspect Of Ethics, Impartiality, Integrity And Conflict Of Interest;

  11. Sponsorship That May Be Obtained At Events Organized By TABSA Must Comply With The Requirements Of Impartiality And Broad Competition;

  12. Whenever A Member Of The Board Of Executive Officers Or Any Associate Speaks Publicly On Behalf Of TABSA He Must Ensure That Opinions Are Not Expressed That Do Not Represent The Values Or Concepts Established By The Company;

  13.  Invitations To Teach Courses And/or Lectures, Write Texts Or Participate In Similar Activities, As A Representative Of TABSA, Must Be Strictly Voluntary And Expressly Authorized By The Board Of Directors;

  14. Relations With Government Officials Or Public Authorities Must Always Be Based On Transparency, Integrity And Impartiality, Ensuring Compliance With All Legislation Affecting The Subject;

  15. Any Statement Made With Press Vehicles On Behalf Of TABSA Must Have Prior Authorization From The Board Of Directors;

  16. TABSA Reserves The Right To Replace And/or Terminate Relationships With Any And All Suppliers That Breach The Integrity, Environmental, Labor, Tax, Health And Safety At Work Laws, Or That Present Evidence Of Violation Of Human Rights;

  17. The Intellectual Property On TABSA's Logos And Other Brands Developed For Its Projects Belong Solely And Exclusively To The Society, As Well As The Software, Systems, Applications, Documents And Plans Developed.